Benefits of AIWD Membership

slideiStock 000023476325Small2AIWD's Strategic Plan for rests on three aspects of a 15+ year-old recipe for success. A commitment to providing financial value, a commitment to maintaining the independent's independence and the preservation of the relationships that make up the extended family of the distributor members and their suppliers are critical to success in 2016.


Basic information about the three main benefits of AIWD membership are:


Financial Value

AIWD membership is a great financial deal. There is no "investment"; only economical annual dues. On average, for every $1 spent for dues, members get back $9 in rebates. Some members get back >$50, and many get back >$25 in rebates for every $1 of dues. An annual total spend with all AIWD vendors combined of >$75,000 more than pays back the annual dues paid. There is one annual convention that members must attend at least every other year.

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Independent Independence

AIWD membership lets independents remain independent. Once you become a member and vendors are notified, all transactions remain strictly between the AIWD member and vendor. Rebates are paid directly to members by vendors. No transactions or information passes through the AIWD. And you do not have to buy from a sole gas supplier to reap the benefits of AIWD programs.

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Extended Family

AIWD is an extended-family.You are able to benefit from associating with the membership all year long, and most importantly during our annual convention. Our most recent convention was in April 2016, where 320 members, vendors, spouses, and significant others spent two+ days working with and learning from each other.

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Buying Group Comparison Chart

If your goals for joining a buying group include tremendous financial value; a burning desire to remain independent & strong, and to belong to an extended-family where you can learn and prosper, AIWD is your best choice. Strong. Family. Value.

Buying Group I

  • Must invest in the Coop
  • Must pay high annual dues
  • Gas Focus
  • Burden of the expense of 2-annual conventions
  • All purchases are marked up and passed through the buying group
  • You are part of a big impersonal group
  • There are hundreds of vendors to rummage through


Buying Group L

  • Must pay high annual dues
  • Must maintain a contract with a sole gas supplier
  • Gas Focus
  • The expense of the annual convention
  • Gas supplier administers the buying group; knows confidential information about your business
  • Exclusive group of established member companies


Buying Group AIWD

  • No investment required; only economical annual dues
  • Small expense of annual convention, every other year
  • Do not have to sell gases; gas supplier options are available
  • Hardgoods & equipment focus
  • Purchasing transactions & information are direct & confidential
  • Democratic member & vendor selection
  • There are a select number of committed vendors
  • There is an opportunity to network with a broad-range of members


Application Download

Download the AIWD Member Application here: [RTF file]

Fill out the form and email it back to us for review.

Membership Inquiry Form

Apply online using the AIWD general membership inquiry form.

Vendor Selection

A big part of AIWD's success is that the organization limits the number of vendors it accepts. "We have a select few vendors, but we are very loyal to those vendors," says Weldon. While it would be easy to grow their vendor roster, Weldon says there are no plans to substantially add to its base of vendors. It's simple: When the membership commits to a vendor they support that vendor. Still, if you are interested in becoming a vendor partner, the process is relatively simple. Each prospective vendor partner is invited to make a presentation at AIWD's Annual Convention. The 2013 Annual Convention broke all attendance records! The 320 + attendees came prepared to work. Representatives from 70 vendor companies interacted with member attendees. Ten potential vendors made presentations detailing how their willingness to deliver programs that could favorably impact pricing, freight terms and rebates. Members then elected the new vendors.