A Commitment to Providing Financial Value

AIWD is a great deal for the money spent. On average, for every dollar in dues, members get back nine dollars in rebates, over and beyond the favorable pricing and freight costs negotiated with the vendor. Many members receive >$50 in rebates per $1 in dues.  It's an easy, almost risk-free investment. The important takeaway is that AIWD members are not in the business of investing their dollars in AIWD: they are able to reinvest those dollars that they save in their own businesses, creating wealth for their families. "Several vendors I use highly recommended I connect with the AIWD, suggesting it would be a great match for my business.  They were right.  In addition to the executive committee being very accessible, I applaud them for allosing the members to be proactive in suggesting business methods that can benefit the entire group.  Out of all the groups I researched, this one just felt right" said Shawn Coffey, owner of City Welding Sales & Service.  The numbers tend to speak for themselves. Purchases by AIWD members from vendor partners have driven a double-digit growth in purchasing since 2010. During that same time period, member distributors have benefitted from approximately five million dollars in rebates. The Strategic Plan calls for an even richer offering of business services. The Association provides knowledge and services that will help members to improve their business operations, taking $13,000 out of your operating expenses is like growing your top line revenue by about $400,000. 

That's real money.

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